Cuttingcraft has been specialized in manufacturing highperformance tools for metal cutting and drilling for more than 10 years. With R&D, production, distribution department, we aim to supply the best tools to our customers.

    Due to the joint-stock reform on the ownership, with the investment of State-owned share and with joint factory share, which is located in Danyang, Jiangsu, Cuttingcraft team set up a new company——Sichuan Tools Corp. Ltd. It operates as a manufacturer and supplier of cutting tools and electrical tool accessories. The company management is headquartered in Chengdu and primarily produces in its factory in Danyang.

    Cuttingcraft is an internationally active company with an export share of 90% of its turnover. With around 35 employees, it manufactures high-performance tools for metal and wood cutting tools, etc. It develops, produces, and sells tools that deliver more performance with less effort. We will constantly make targeted investments in product development and build a long-term business cooperation relationship with our market partners.